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Holding In Poses With Jaime At "Feel Good Yoga"

Jaime Daley was introduced to yoga in 2006 while living in Colorado and, quickly fell in love with the poses. Yoga is low-impact exercise and, it is ideal for people of all ages, body types and, fitness levels. She found that yoga complimented her active lifestyle by improving muscle strength and, flexibility. Also, it helps manage chronic back pain and stress.

Today, Jaime is excited to share the wonderful benefits of yoga with her hometown of Walkerton and, surrounding communities. She will be opening her first class on November 4th, at 613 Roosevelt Rd. Jaime is so proud that she received her yoga teacher certification (RYT-200) in September.

Jaime Daley with one of her fur babies, Meeko, during a hike. Yoga is her passion.

She mentioned, "My passions for movement are biking, hiking, kayaking, sand volleyball, snowboarding and of course yoga. Unfortunately, I have been injured multiple times participating in these activities, which has led to physical and emotional repercussions over time." "When an active person can no longer be active and suffers from chronic pain, it really takes a toll on the mind and spirit. This is when restorative and beginner level yoga become vital to my practice -- these styles allow me to stay active, but at a gentle pace allowing me to heal. On the flip side when my physical body is healthy, I lean towards Power and Vinyasa Flow yoga, which are energetic and focus on body movement, core strength, balancing and holding poses."

The new home of "Feel Good Yoga" at 613 Roosevelt Rd. in downtown Walkerton.

The yoga studio is accessed from the store in front on Roosevelt. There is currently a large YOGA banner out front. Jaime said, "I don't acquire the space until mid-October, so the window decals are not displayed yet. This is a shared space with Kurma, a business that offers hands on and emotional release therapies, as well as, yoga." I asked Jaime how she was inspired to do this? She said, "I wanted a workout but, also, needed a tool to manage my high-stress career. Yoga seemed like a perfect fit but, I had no idea there were so many styles to chose from. The first studio I joined, mainly, offered fitness yoga." "These classes were physically intense and quickly changed my body. I felt taller, longer, and stronger! However, the tool for stress management was missing. After buying my first home, I could no longer afford the expensive membership to this studio. So, I explored cheaper options and on-line yoga." She added, "This is when I was introduced to yoga's mind body connection. Feeling centered and, grounded! Living in the present moment!" "Breathing to calm the nervous system, and recognizing the importance of stillness and meditation." "I have adopted various styles of yoga over the years, and often times, don't know what style I need until I step onto my yoga mat." Jaime has a local experience. She added, "I was raised near Walkerton, went to Oregon-Davis, and graduated from IUSB." "I moved to Koontz Lake last year after living near Denver, Colorado for 13 years. I decided to move back to the area to be closer to family. Also, I desperately needed a slower paced life after years of commuting in gridlock traffic." The hustle and bustle life had exhausted her.

She went on, "I decided to open Feel Good Yoga to offer something new and interesting to the community. Also, to deepen my practice and share the benefits of yoga with others." Jaime is enjoying the single life. She goes, "I am single with furry kids, a handsome dog and, loving cat."

"Yoga has changed my physical body, helped manage chronic pain, and provided tools to manage stress and focus on what is important in my life. Stepping onto my yoga mat is often the favorite part of my day!" With the synchronized movement, and mind body awareness, yoga, can compliment your active lifestyle and improve your muscle strength! It offers flexibility, and helps manage all sorts of stress.

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