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Memo's Restaurant Walkerton Coming Soon

Many of our Walkerton Page readers have worried and wondered when is the new "Memo's Restaurant" gonna open at it's new Walkerton location? They are the popular Michigan City restaurant known for fresh, grilled, family style fare and, Mexican dishes. "Memo's" will offer a variety of recipe's on the east side of Walkerton at 1120 Roosevelt Rd.

After the many texts I recieved asking me to find out when they open? I connected with the Dominguez family to find out for myself today! Doing a buildout and transformation can take time. Especially, with the time that entitlements take and, construction progress.

I contacted Edgar Dominguez who was able to confirm. He said, "The Walkerton location is still in renovations and customers should look forward to a January or February completion." "If they are able to open before that? We will notify ahead of time."

Edgar, who is the oldest son of the family said, he is anxious to get to know our Walkerton area customers! He wants the community to know his family too! He said, "we have Guillermo, the second oldest, Vanessa and Valeria the twin sisters (not identical twins), then Maria, and Jesus Dominguez, who are my Mom and Dad." They look forward along with their staff to serving Walkerton!

Many Walkerton readers have commented before about the thrill of having an authentic Mexican restaurant in the area. "Memo's" will satisfy Walkerton area citizens who have cravings for an exciting ethnic menu! Their Michigan City location offers diverse recipes. They offer American classics too.

Burgers, onion rings, steaks combos like Ribeye & Rib Tips with french fries, The Gyro Platter skewered from lamb, the Breaded Shrimps & Rib Tibs Dinner Special, Half slab of BBQ'd Baby-back Ribs, shrimp, waffles, crepes, and pancakes. But, what Walkertonians will love even more are their tacos, a traditional chicken mole' poblano dinner, Arrachera Asada Skirt Steak, menudo, posale', chilaquiles con huevos, carne' asada, sope's, nachos supreme, pollo di caldo, calypso omellette's, and banana cream pancakes.

Memo's will be a place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. The playful menu items include the many Mexican dishes that our readers have been hungering for. But, Memo's doesn't stop there? They will also, cater events, and have buffets.

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