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Acorn Inspections Committed To Downtown Walkerton

Ever need your home inspected before you sell it? Ever want to get a potential property inspected before you buy it? Going through the anxiety of transferring real estate can be nerve racking.

Since, 2017 Josh Rizek has been putting his customers at ease whether they are worried about termites, carpenter ants, wood boring bees, water sampling, and radon levels he is the main guy!

The Rizek's from L - R: Paxton, Jasiah, Lennox, Amy, and Josh.

Trained by InterNACHI, Josh, has been performing home and pest inspections serving the northern Indiana region. He is currently a Certified Professional Inspector.

Josh first became inspired with the field after he had a bad experience buying his first home. He heard about other people having these sort of troubles "unforetold" when they got their homes too, and thought he should route the home inspection business for all that it is worth. It didn't take long for Josh Rizek to apply for courses online to take the inspection business head on himself.

He said, "Before I started my company, my family went on a cross-country camping trip I was so fascinated with the field that I completed some of the inspection training at the campground!"

Once, Josh completed his accreditation and training he, and wife Amy took the "Mom & Pop" business plunge. Using other experience as Treasurer of the Walkerton Redevelopment Commission, member of the Walkerton Area Economic Development Committee, President of the Walkerton Board of Zoning, Volunteer Soccer and Baseball Coach at Walkerton Parks' Josh is accomplished.

He is also, a proud father and husband. Amy and he were married in 2009. They are raising their three adoring children Jasiah, age 7, Paxton 4, and Lennox who is 2. Amy helps out at the office when she can.

Josh added, "My wife helps me get water samples to the lab."

They have been busy refurbishing and restoring 506 Roosevelt Rd. once, Dr. Linton's office, and the old Polk-Lincoln-Johnson School Corporation offices for Superintendent Harold Muncie. Today, it is the headquarters for Acorn Inspections.

Josh and Amy continue to press on with finishing the office building.

Meanwhile, Josh is studying to get his "Master" Inspector certificate. He hopes to offer more services for the future.

While, Josh keeps busy with his posts on local public commissions he, and Amy keep involved at Cornerstone Community Church in LaPaz. Josh and Amy, both, were born and raised in Walkerton. It is where they choose to raise their family! Today, it is also, where they choose to locate their business headquarters!

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