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Saving Money! Tips From A Local Coupon Shopper

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

First, and foremost I am a professional couponer. I have been doing it for ten plus years. That being said, let’s make this short and sweet!

Wal-Mart no longer accepts price matching of any sort! Even when you scan your receipt and they find the sale for you. (They lost too much money.) So, we must coupon the old way, by going store to store for the items you need.

Most people think, Pantene, Axe, Tide, Olay, and Revlon products are overpriced and expensive. You know what? They are! Unless you coupon? It is either, cheap if not free, or you made money buying it?

Are you interested yet? Good! Let’s get started.

I will use CVS as examples, it is our main drug store here, in Walkerton.

Remember, each store has their own coupon policies. It is your responsibility to read them. The policies are found on the store websites near the copyright and sitemap information.

I suggest downloading the store apps, for CVS and Dollar General, as they are the main stores of Walkerton.

To coupon, and truly save money there are three components:

  1. Manufacturers coupon

  2. Store Coupon

  3. Item for the coupons on sale!

For instance let’s illustrate use at CVS (This type of couponing is also, used at Walgreens, and Rite Aid.)

"Pantene is on sale 3/15 when you buy 3 get 5.00 back in CVS rewards."

Helpful abbreviations to know:

MQ = manufacturer’s coupon

SQ = store coupon

Say you see 3/$15.00 for Pantene? - In store terms it means three items for $15.00

Sale items would look like this: 3/$15.00 - spend $15.00, get $5.00 back for Pantene in CVS REWARDS. So, "$15.00 / 3 items."

  • 4.00 MQ

  • 5.00/ 3 SQ (means $5.00 off 3 items sale)

  • $6.00 is your sale price. BUT, remember? If you buy 3 you get $5.00 back in CVS rewards. So, $6.00 minus 5.00 = $1.00 and you have $5.00 to reuse (this is called rolling your money or reusing your money.)

You just bought $15.00 dollars worth of Pantene for $1.00!

This is an example of basic couponing.

As stated previously, each store is different. You must read each stores policy.

Here is an example of a freebie to get you in the store. However they’ve had some great ones in the past such, as the $12.99 hydro-razors! Just stick to your list and freebie.

Picture of my shelf at home. Just shampoo, conditioner, soap, wipes, and mouth wash. Were you to add that up full price there would be $100.00 or more worth of items. However, I couponed all of those items. I either got them free or for less then a dollar! I do not pay for items such as these. I did not get them all at CVS. Some from Walgreens others at Dollar General.

Helpful Tips

1. Always check your store apps for coupons. You never know what the store will sneak in to get customers in there. Also, remember freebies are a trick. They get you in the store to shop, you’re bound to buy more than your freebie? BAM! They got you? Stick to your sales list!

2. There are many websites out there that will teach you to coupon. Just use Google! There are Facebook groups as well. I began one and you are welcome to join if you wish. it is called "iCouponLP." From when I lived in La Porte and taught classes. The information is the same for all cities.

3. Where to get coupons? In many places like newspapers. The Chicago Tribune is best, but, there is also the South Bend Tribune. Their editions come with Sunday flyers. If you do not get the paper, ask friends or family if you may have their fliers. "" is one source where you can print them yourself. However, you are only allowed 2 coupons per item. So, before printing the ones you want do a test coupon. Make sure their software is installed correctly or it uses one of your prints? If it is a misprint?

4. Other things you can do is sign up on the products website's such, as Pampers or Huggies or even "Proctor & Gamble’s" site. These manufacture include products like Tide, Lysol, & Finish they send coupons to your home.

5. You can look for ways to get free samples. My personal favorite is from a friend of mine at: It is a site that lists a lot of free samples. Everyday I get something new. If you print coupons from his website, he gets a kickback, it helps keep his site open.

6. If you want to make things happen for yourself Google is your best friend. From handsoap and sanitizer, to baby wipes and formula! Just type it in "Google." I believe it is the World's best tool on the internet. Hey! While you’re at it? Google how to cut your bills down? Such as unplugged items you don’t use on a daily basis? Check your windows for leaks. Call your cable provider and ask for sales? It’s things like this that add up. Soon, you will find yourself saving money like a pro and teaching your friends. -- By Jill Cummings

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