• By Kirk Gaw

Changes Coming For Local Grocery Shopping

Recently, Randy Kafantaris, has announced he is repurposing Koontz Lake Market and, will be planning a new venture there.

Today, he told The Walkerton Page, "I'm closing it up."

"Keeping the building, going a different direction."

"I'm still gonna cater, but, yeah June 30th is it."

He added, "the current economy is too volatile."

"And, I am not retiring."

He said, "I will be addressing the new situation on Facebook for my customers."

Randy went on, "I'm thinking right now I'm keeping the building and, just going a different direction. But, if the right offer comes along...?"

A local family established with a popular retail brand is scouting for area real estate to provide the historic community with a new grocery store. Walkerton was once home to four groceries.

On another front an undisclosed, local, source in the Walkerton community has informed the Walkerton Page that a party in his family is scouting with local, Walkerton commercial real estate agents to invest in a new downtown Walkerton supermarket.

He told me that he will keep us updated with details as they become available.

They are already, popular retailers in the area. His family believes in the future of the Walkerton vicinity.

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