• By Kirk Gaw

Bourbon Street Pizza - Opening August / September

Just spoke with Tim Harman founder of Bourbon Street Pizza, an Argos based pizza chain. They are locating their newest restaurant at 608 Roosevelt, next door to China House restaurant. Lot's of our readers have been curious about the completion of the new build-out happening. I asked Tim about any details with the Walkerton operation?

He said, "We are opening August, possibly September there."

"We will keep you updated with details."

"No pictures at the moment."

He added, "To find out how you can become a part of the successful Bourbon Street Pizza brand, please indicate your interest by emailing us at: ."

"We will be hiring 15 employees."

The Walkerton location will be the 9th Bourbon Street Pizza in northern Indiana. Harman has seen the brand he started since, Bourbon would take off at places like Mentone, Argos, Nappanee, Bremen, South Bend, Plymouth, Culver, and North Webster. He is now in the business of franchising and has fostered 2 other locations with the Bourbon Street logo.

From South Bend to Bourbon, employee's are committed to "perfecting" your orders. The new Walkerton location will be employing 15 new workers.

Tim said, "It's gonna look a lot different."

"The historic Walkerton space will be renovated and, the facade carefully restored with period paint colors."

"The dining area will seat 40."

Ultimately, "I look forward to providing an all new interior, open 7 nights a week."

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