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Pizza From Casey's Wins Best Dish Poll

Last Wednesday The Walkerton Page began a reader's poll asking "What is your favorite dish from a Walkerton Area restaurant?" The last such contest was won by China House Restaurant with their General Tsao's Chicken item. This year China House located at 602 Roosevelt Rd. was back in 3rd Place with their Fried / Steamed Dumplings category. Readers voted 19 times for the China House Dumplings. All items in the poll were randomly selected. Anyone was able to participate. Participants had 5 days to complete the contest.

The new Memo's House Of Pancakes at 1120 Roosevelt Rd. arrived in 2nd Place. It was their Stuffed French Toast that polled in with 21 votes for that special dish. They are one of the most popular places in town after being open only 7 months.

Terra Lynn Elder (L), Lou Zellers (ML), Bonnie Nowatzke (MR), and Kim Armstrong (R) take a moment after winning today's Walkerton Page Best Dish contest with their pizza.

Today, the Walkerton Page Readers Poll closed at noon. A big, hearty, Congratulations to Casey's who won the contest! The team of Terra Elder (store manager), Lou Zellers (assistant manager), Kim Armstrong (assistant manager), and Bonnie Nowatzke (kitchen manager) have won customers over time and again with their pizza recipe's.

Bonnie Nowatzke said, "It is the Supreme Pizza and Taco Pizza which are the most favorite with customers." People take the time to thank these gals for their outstanding service, and attention to detail with their recipes. Casey's located at 200 Roosevelt Rd. on the westside of Walkerton has been most popular with Walkerton Area residents and visitors.

Here is how the Supreme Pizza at Casey's looks. The favorite. Pickup or Delivery is available for orders.

Here is how the Casey's Taco Pizza appears. It is a popular menu item for customers. Made to order.

You will find the Casey's convenience mart not only is a congregation point for citizens to fill 'er up, and visit with other friendly faces, it a favorite place to find quick items. They sell pantry items for your home: breads, ramen, sugar, soups, coffee, milk, and spices. Casey's also, sells beer, sodas, sports drinks, chips, cookies, jerky snacks, nuts, swimming floaters, kid toys, car supplies, personal care supplies, aspirins, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Claritan, and novelty items.

In the morning customers find cheery employee faces to perk you up with variety coffees, cappucino, donuts, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast pizza. They offer submarine sandwiches, hot sandwiches, wraps, and cheeseburgers. Other popular kitchen items include the Buffalo Chicken Wings (also, boneless), Potato Cheese Bites, Cheese Breadsticks, Popcorn Chicken Bites, Farmers Salad, and Chicken Tenders. You can order-in, pickup, and delivery.


200 Roosevelt Rd.

Walkerton, IN 46574

(574) 586-2927

Open 24 hours

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