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It's The Great Pumpkin At Stanton Road Pumpkin Patch

Time to grab your friends, and take the kids out for an adventure to Stanton Rd. near Teegarden. Get ready for the corn maze, scavenger hunt, pedal cart racing, and a new fire pit! Opening on Friday, September 18th. Just 7 miles east from Walkerton the Pumpkin Patch appears at 26390 Stanton Rd. You may want to use your gps. Look for the pumpkin wagon.

The Matanic's specialize in hybrid, green stem pumpkins ranging in size from small to about 30lb. Along with traditional jack o' lantern pumpkins, the Stanton Road Pumpkin Patch also features Heirloom, or Cinderella pumpkins, Blue Moon and Casper white pumpkins. Cinderella pumpkins are most common with exceptionally bright orange color with wide deep ribs, and a short profile.

The Stanton Road Pumpkin Patch was founded by Andrew, and Nathan Matanic in 2011. It is a family business. Nathan is Andrew's son. They decided to open this pumpkin patch after not being able to find decent sized, or shaped pumpkins to carve for Halloween. After a lot of research they chose an advance hybrid variety that produces 18 to 30 pound pumpkins with a dark green stem.

The U-Pick pumpkin patch is a 1/4 mile long and they have thousands of pumpkins to pick from. The Matanic's never charge admission and have the free 2 acre corn maze to entertain visitors! It's really fun and allows you to immerse yourself in the rustic autumn landscape. They also have many types of gourds, and 7 types of pumpkins to choose from.

Be sure to accentuate your decorating and get corn stalks and straw bales. This place is fun for the whole family or just with friends! It will not break your budget. The farm store is stocked with candy, pop, snacks, and a lot more. They even have free, helium, pumpkin balloons for the kids.

Check them out on the internet at:

10 AM till dark

Accepts all major credit cards.

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