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Bourbon Street Pizza Soft Opens At 608 Roosevelt

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

It is now official at Bourbon Street Pizza located in the center of the historic downtown Walkerton business district, they are open. I recently spoke to Jayne Ganshorn who works in management with the Bourbon Street organization. She said, "We had a soft opening last night."

The new facade at 608 Roosevelt for Bourbon Street Pizza taken by local photographer Jenny Fry.

"Our Walkerton location will be open from 4:00-9:00 daily for a while, and we will adjust those hours in the future."

"The phone number is on the door now and it is 574-279-2222."

"We will advertise soon when we get all the new store kinks worked out."

The new interior as seen by JMS Insurance employees touring the new restaurant.

Walkerton Main Street has noticed the new place in town and some Bourbon Street pizza taken by local customer / photographer Johnny Danger.

Customers can expect great pizza recipe's, pastas, breads, barbequed wings, salads, cookies, and cinnastix.

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