• By Kirk Gaw

Hatching Walkerton Re-Thinking Downtown

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Vibrant and diverse retail is the lifeblood of a thriving community. It makes a cool neighborhood "cool!" Stores with personality, bars with an edge, and restaurants with style & charm throw off energy and put a unique stamp on a particular area!

Citizens attending a busy parade event on Roosevelt Rd. along the 600 block. Photo by Chris Ransbottom Shephard

There exists great retail spots all over the 4 county vicinity. St. Joseph, Marshall, Starke, and LaPorte counties with all of the involved townships are pockets to celebrate local history. We need to cluster our identities along the Roosevelt Rd. corridor.

All roads lead to Walkerton. The community is a destination for many travelers. Plenty of opportunity. Photo by Tammy Allsop Proctor

Complementary shops, bars, and restaurants can create a density that spawns foot traffic, destination shopping, home buyers, and renters.

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