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Aldi's On North Oak Rd. In Plymouth Wins 2021 Walkerton Poll

By Kirk Gaw

The Plymouth ALDI store located at 2170 North Oak Rd. at US 30 has won the latest Walkerton Page poll according to survey participants. The poll took place last Sunday on June 13th 2021. The subject for the poll was "Where is your favorite place to buy groceries?" It involved 21 grocers polled and there were about 190 contributors. Aldi's in Plymouth won 1st Place with 51 votes edging out the nearby 2nd Place Krogers of Plymouth by 2 points with 49 votes. 3rd Place was also in Plymouth! The Wal-Mart there got 26 votes securing Plymouth as Walkerton's favorite destination for supermarket shopping.

Other favorite locations to shop for food items was Mishwaka, LaPorte, and Koontz Lake. The Walkerton Dollar General placed 5th to last between the 21 to choose from. Most Walkertonians shop outside of the community for their groceries. When it comes to low prices for groceries and home goods Aldi's is the favorite for the Walkerton community.

From fresh produce and meats to organic foods, beverages and other award-winning items, "ALDI makes the flavorful affordable." Plus, with new limited-time "ALDI Finds" the company added to shelves each week so that there’s always something new to discover for area shoppers. They also provide their ALDI shop online with curbside pickup or delivery:

The Aldi store is located at: 2170 North Oak Rd. Plymouth, IN 46563

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