• Kirk Gaw

Bourbon Street Wins Walkerton Poll Favorite Fast Food Spot

By Kirk Gaw

Today, was another poll to determine "who is the favorite fast food place in the Walkerton area?" The winner of the Walkerton Facebook poll is the new Bourbon Street restaurant located at 608 Roosevelt Rd. in the downtown Walkerton "Victorian Row." Our members were earlier concerned about who has the best quality experience with fast food establishments.

Out of approximately 130 respondents involved 69 voted for Bourbon Street because of their outstanding service and delicious menu. Bourbon Street opened last October during the midst of the COVID pandemic shutdowns. Their pizza recipe's, pastas, breads, barbequed wings, salads, cookies, and cinnastix have been a sensation for Walkertonians.

In 2nd place was Memo's House Of Pancakes who scored with a 58 vote count out of 130. Their doors opened only a few weeks before the COVID shutdown. After innovations like their outdoor patio and drive-thru they continue to become a popular place for diners seeking a classic American menu, breakfasts and Mexican food! Both establishments have a health conscience attitude and provide fresh ingredients cooked made to order.

Other popular Walkerton fast food providers like China House in the "Victorian Row" commercial district got 3rd place. Casey's on the westside of town is up there. Along with Sunrise House, Over The Top Bakery in North Liberty, Subway, McDonalds of DT Walkerton, McDonald's of LaPaz, Miller's Hometown Pizza of North Liberty, and Country Roads Pizza of Koontz Lake.

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