• Kirk Gaw

China House Serving Walkerton Over 15 Years

By Kirk Gaw

Located at 602 Roosevelt in the historic Victorian district of downtown Walkerton the Wu family recognized the need for traditional Chinese Food where no establishment existed. They opened at a time when Walkerton was shopping mostly "out of town" at big box stores from Plymouth, South Bend, and LaPorte. Harvey's a regional chain based out of Valparaiso began losing business in downtown Walkerton during the 1990's due to the phenomenon happening nationwide with retailer competitors like Wal-Mart. The decision to close in Walkerton after 35 years of business could not have been easy but, it allowed for the owners of the 600 block building to divide the spaces and in came Mr. Wu who searched for a spot in the community to hang his pots and pans to share his Chinese recipes.

I talked with family spokesman Nicole Wu about the food happening at the popular downtown Walkerton location. I asked her what is their favorite dish to provide customers. She pointed out that the General Tso Chicken is their favorite as much as it has become for Walkerton customers. Nicole said the family emphasizes sweeter and spicier recipes that hail from the regions of southeastern China. That is why the General Tso Chicken dish has a tangy sweeter sauce unlike other lighter chicken dishes. It is in the chili, ginger, hoisin, garlic, and sweet sauce. That is why the Wu's China House won the Walkerton Page Poll for their General Tso Chicken many times. Their recipes reflect more of what you will find in Hong Kong and Shanghai grills. You will also find Hot & Spicy Soup, Orange Chicken, Egg Foo Yong, Cashew Chicken, and Seafood Soup.

I asked the Wu's what future plans they have for their popular Walkerton destination and she told me they are working on a website to reflect their many menu items. You can find the entire menu at "Z Menu." Go to: As Nicole Wu points out "China House" Walkerton definitely has something for everyone.

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