• Kirk Gaw

From The Editor: The Walkerton Page Is Back Up And Running

Recently, you may have noticed The Walkerton Page went offline. I had issues with WIX Publisher an Israeli firm who changed the editing formula and called it an upgrade. It seemed that the new artificial intelligent system they installed diminished my ability to provide premium e-publishing quality. Especially, the release of photo captions to the same sized fonts as the content of the articles. After doing pro's and cons between WIX and Weebly I decided it was best to just stay with WIX. The changeover was too much work for me and too expensive. Today, The Walkerton Page will continue to provide you with articles reflecting the people and lifestyle of the Walkerton, Indiana area. We hope to carry on the kinds of articles that will entertain you, amaze you, and provide helpful information or history. Glad to be back for 2021! Sincerely, Kirk A. Gaw

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