• Kirk Gaw

Old "Chaddher Petroleum" Convenience Mart Back On

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Last March the Walkerton Page reported that the abandoned gas station located at 201 Roosevelt Rd. was set to be demolished by the Town of Walkerton. Just minutes before the deadline with the St. Joseph County Court Mr. Chaddher put up the $40,000 bond to keep the property going.

If Chaddher doesn't make the needed repairs deadline the Town Of Walkerton could use that money to raze the lot. Residents and neighborhood stakeholders have observed machinery, and construction materials delivered to the front of the street at the property.

Economic Director Phil Buckmaster informed the Council that a new contractor for that construction site had contacted him. They are to start working on July 7 th, 2021. After a discussion about the contract with Mr. Chaddher and the town, it was decide that Town Attorney Fred Jones will send a letter to Mr. Chaddher’s attorney explaining the Council’s concerns. He will also ask him and his client to attend the next Council meeting. Motion: A motion to send the letter to Mr. Chaddher’s attorney stating the concerns and ask him to attend a meeting was made by Council Member Karol Jackson. Seconded by Council Vice President Jeff Fansler. Motion carried with a 5-0 vote.

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