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Walkerton Development News More Projects In The Works

Lot's of projects are being planned by elected leaders at the Walkerton Town Council recently. First, a solar park is being proposed for an alternative energy source in the community. Solar parks drive a variety of conventional generator systems and has its advantages. For a variety of reasons, photovoltaic technology has seen much wider use in the alternative energy field across the state of Indiana. As of 2019, concentrator systems represented about 3% of utility-scale solar power capacity. In some communities, the nameplate capacity of a photovoltaic power station is rated in megawatt-peak (MWp), which refers to the solar array's theoretical maximum DC power output. The involvement of community and utility-owned projects is increasing across the country. To date, almost all have been supported at least in part by regulatory incentives such as feed-in tariffs or tax credits. All the while, levelized costs have fallen significantly in the last decade and grid parity has been reached in an increasing number of markets around the continent. See this website by the Indiana Municipal-Power Agency:

Economic Development Director, Phil Buckmaster, presented the Walkerton Town Council with a proposed floor plan for the new community building during a September meeting at the Town Hall. He asked the Council members to review the plan and discuss for the next meeting. Afterwards, in October Buckmaster provided The Council an actual draft of a possible floor plan. There was a discussion about the placement, the funding, and moving forward with the project. The council motioned to proceed and receive architectural drawings. Initiated by Council Member, Jeff Fansler, and seconded by Council Vice President ,Gene Reese. The motion carried with a 5-0 vote. I asked Economic Development Director, Phil Buckmaster about the drawings for our Walkerton Page readers but, he was unavailable for comment.

201 Roosevelt formerly Larry's Quick Mart long abandoned as a construction project may be demolished soon.

The town has been working with the owner of the former gas station property at 201 Roosevelt across from the new library to demolish the structures there. It has been an abandoned construction project for many years. Soon residents may see the former Larry's Quick Mart brought down and the site cleared. The Walkerton Town Council approved the motion since, it did not hear from Mr. Chadder.

For sale the 510 Roosevelt empty lot starting at $25,000 listed at Main Street Realty - photo by Luz Pro Photography - Tammy Allsop Proctor

Finally, the empty lot once site of the former Bert Apple Building at 510 Roosevelt was the subject of a discussion before the public chamber regarding its future use. At the recent meeting the members concluded that the lot will go on the market as a commercial property for sale beginning at a list price of $25,000. It is listed with Main Street Realty of Walkerton.

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