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Walkerton Wins As Safest Indiana Community - Top 10

According to a recent SafeWise Security study of 10 cities Walkerton comes out on top. In their search for the safest town The Walkerton Page sees that Walkerton beats Zionsville as crime rates are calculated from FBI crime data—no other characterization of any community is implied or intended.

SafeWise Security is a pioneer in unbiased home security reviews, comparisons and advice that empowers consumers to make wise decisions to protect their home. NeighborhoodScout is a website and online database of U.S. neighborhood analytics. Both organizations were used for The Walkerton Page assessment.

Zionsville and Crown Point were the only other safest cities to see less than 10 violent crimes in the last year. Carmel and Fishers each dropped one spot this year, the only two cities to drop in ranking on our list.

Walkerton rates .89 per 1,000 residents making it lower than average for crime.

The most-improved ranking this year was a 5-way tie between Westfield, Crown Point, Noblesville, Brownsburg, and Munster. Of the most-improved-ranking cities, the most notable improvement was in Noblesville where property crime rates dropped from 13.2 (2017) to 9.3 incidents per 1,000 people (2019). Carmel was the only safest city to report murders in the last year. Here are the rankings from violent crimes 2021:

1. Walkerton -- 2 violent crimes / per 1,000 residents -- .89

2. Zionsville -- 4 violent crimes / per 1,000 residents -- .14

3. Westfield -- 16 violent crimes / per 1,000 residents -- .37

4. Carmel -- 30 violent crimes/ per 1,000 residents -- .30

5. W. Lafayette-47 violent crimes/ per 1,000 residents -- .92

6. Crown Point - 8 violent crimes / per 1,000 residents - .26

7. Noblesville -- 32 violent crimes/ per 1,000 residents --.49

8. Brownsburg --40 violent crimes/ per 1,000 residents -- 1.48

9. Greenfield -- 21 violent crimes / per 1,000 residents -- .91

10. Munster -- 23 violent crimes / per 1,000 residents --1.02 Overall, 44% of Hoosiers surveyed by SafeWise and Neighborhood Scout said they feel highly concerned about their safety while 48% said they feel safe in The Hoosier State. For the second year in a row, this level of daily concern has dropped. And property crime and violent crime rates continue to drop in Indiana. Compared to neighboring states like Illinois, Indiana falls far below in levels of concern on all issues. But property crime continues to stay on the minds of Hoosiers across the state.

We saw a drop of 6 percentage points in overall concern from Indiana residents in 2021, with this year’s level of concern placing Indiana at number 32 for overall concern in the country. We saw a significant drop in those who experienced gun crime from last year (34%) to this year (10%). But those we surveyed experienced more property crime this year (20%) than in 2020 (7%). Of the Hoosiers we surveyed, 45% said they were concerned about violent crime on a daily basis. The good news is violent crime has dropped slightly year over year since 2019, landing Indiana at the national average. Aggravated assault was the most common and accounted for 67% of violent crimes in Indiana. The percentage of rapes reported in the safest cities was much higher than those statewide. In Indiana as a whole, rape accounts for 10% of violent crime versus the 22% of violent crime in the safest cities.

Zionsville, reported only 4 violent crimes in the last year, all of them aggravated assault. 8 of the safest cities have violent crime rates below 1 per 1,000 people. 3 cities (Fishers, West Lafayette, and Crown Point) had the same violent crime rates year over year. Walkerton should pat itself on the back for keeping crime down.

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